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Website Designed by Ese groups. The lesion is then placed among subsets of these groups. Thus, astrocytomas will be further subdivided since the term "astrocytoma" is non-specific as it includes different lesions of varying degrees of biological aggressiveness and potential cure. A common type of astrocytoma in children is "pilocytic astrocytoma," known for its slow rate of growth and, in many cases, surgical cure. Other forms of astrocytomas, e. G. cheap viagra generic The "fibrillary" types, infiltrate surrounding tissues and are more difficult to contain. side effects women using viagra A common additional class of brain tumors in children is the "embryonal" or "pnet" groups. The cerebellar medulloblastoma is the most common example. effects mixing alcohol viagra After the lesion is "classified," the pathologist's job is to estimate the degree of malignancy by tumor grading. This is done also by review of microscopic features, among which the number of dividing tumor cells ("mitoses") is commonly studied. Other histologic features are applied variably as well. A numerical system is used, with aggressive lesions being given a higher number, indicating a higher grade. In some cases the grade is implicit in the name, i. E. Pilocytic astrocytomas are grade i. The more diffusely infiltrating so called "fibrillary" lesions fall along a spectrum of grade ii, iii, and iv. effects mixing alcohol viagra Grade ii refers to the "fibrillary astrocytoma", whereas the astrocytoma grade iv lesions is the most malignant form i. cheap generic viagra E. Glioblastoma multiform. The grade iii "anaplastic astrocytoma" is intermediate. viagra coupon Some tumor types (e. cheap viagra online G. discount viagra online Medulloblastoma) are always considered high grade but do not carry a specific numerical designation. Spinal cord tumors tumor staging tumor staging determining the extent of tumor spread begins in the pre-operative period. meaning of viagra bathtubs Certain information will be determined based on the scans obtained before the operation (e. G. Where is the tumor located? , is there evidence of multiple lesions? , is the tumor potentially resectable? ). viagra generic At the time of the operation, the neurosurgeon provides additional information including an assessment of the extent of tumor resection. Certain tumors require a limited evaluation beyond the. Masinya