The Wind Trilology

3. pt. 1 listen to the wind, 4. pt. 2 walking in the wind, 5. pt. 3 winds of change

Here I use the wind as a metaphor to describe the spirit of love, the spirit of god as it touches our lives. We begin by listening, quietly listening! Hence the track listen to the wind – this piece is again inspired in part by Michael Hedges and also contains elements of native American spiritual culture. Following this comes pt. 2 walking in the wind – after having listened to what the winds of love have to say we then start walking differently, walking with love and awareness and finally we change- pt 3. The winds of change create in us a being of love. We can change ourselves and our world by being love, by being peace!! Walking in the wind has a walking like tempo to it and a little marching like section in the middle and the composition is also loosely based on a dream I had back around 1990!! I won’t bore you with the dream here but I am happy to talk about it with anyone who is curious!! Musically the final part pt. 3 winds of change has an African tribal type feel and was originally written using primarily my kurzweil k2000 keyboard around 1995!!

“I dedicate the wind trilogy to my wife Karen for bringing the winds of love to our family”!!
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