Spirit Within

Spirit Within is a composition that began back around 1987 actually, it begins with a ‘morning in the forest’ feeling/setting with string pads, the recorders, acoustic guitar, upright bass and a jazz-like drum part with brushes, etc. This first section is called (pt. 1 forest dawn). I suppose it could represent the calmer side of life where we find inner peace!! The tune eventually takes you through rain and thunderstorm which represent the more challenging aspects of our lives. This begins the next section (pt.2 the spirit ). Once we navigate our way past the storm, we find ourselves in a funky hip-hopy jazz section and into a folky-blues groove and back to the jazzy part for a final ending to the tune!! Throughout the jazzy section, you will hear me snaping my fingers and the final thing you hear are the finger snaps- this whole section is about that inner spirit that keeps us going!!

As we grow and move through life, there will be peaceful moments as well as stormy days. As individuals and as a global community may we continue to find that inner strength, that “spirit within”, when we need it!!
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