Kokopelli is a mythical being found in the southwest carved and painted on rocks and pottery. In native American Indian folklore ,a kokopelli is said to travel from village to village with a bag of songs on his back!! Much like a musician (Band) on a tour!! The kokopelli is a symbol of happiness, good fortune, and good health!! The kokopelli dates back 1200 years or more and is also a part of African culture as well!!

This song is my own tribute to Native American culture and spirituality!! While travelling through Utah I met a wonderful Navajo women whom I purchased a ring from- the ring was engraved with the kokopelli, bear claw and staircase of life, all important symbols to the Navajo people!! I now wear this ring as my wedding band!!

During the middle of this song you will be able to hear a little native American soundscape- if you listen carefully you will hear tribal chanting, coyotes, crickets and a rattle snake!! This was meant to be a desert scene with native American Indian culture being the underlying theme for the composition!! I hoped that the use of nylon string guitar and pedal steel guitar would add to the southwestern flavour and with touches of sax, flute, ocarina, fretless bass and drums/percussion kokopelli was born!!
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