Welcome to the gratitude section of my website!!

As I worked on the completion of the first” lifecycle” CD and the development of this website I wanted to thank many many people and realized that the CD jacket did not have enough space to do that. I then came up with this place on my website where I will thank people and be able to say much more than I could on the CD jackets. I plan on adding to and updating this area from time to time so please check it out occasionally for these updates!! You may find yourself featured here soon and /or in the near future!!

I will also feature some of my favourite quotes, book titles, movies etc.. that touch on life, love and the grand design of things!! Enjoy and be thankful for everyday and the magic of this life!!

*the ongoing list of gratitude is broken into categories so that one does not have to read everything if they choose not to. You may find specific people and info by going to the main areas that interest you!!EG. family will find family under family, students will find themselves listed under students etc..


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My wife Karen and my children Sheri. James. Luke. I love you all with all my heart and I am proud to be a family together with you!! This is a website so yes I realize the world can see all of this so I promise not to get to emotional and goofy!! However, Karen I thank you for everyday together, your support and understanding and the three beautiful people we call our children!! Kids well, you are truly wonderful children and never forget to dream big and that what you do to help others through your own lives will always come back to you, care for each other as you move through your own lifecycles!! Love ya!!!

FAMILY!! [Top of Page]


Thank you to my parents Ted & Helene Groleau (mom&dad) I can not really say enough about you two but let me say a few things!! As we travel through life our parents shape us and guide us with there own lives and they are always there for us from the days of youth when we scraped our knees playing outside to the teen years where we may struggle to find our own identity and onwards through our adult years!! I thank you mom &dad for all the love and support through all these times and look forward to future joyful times as family!!

To my sisters Colette and Mia and their husbands, Russ and Al (brother in laws)and children Katie.Beth. Molly.Remi. I cherish our friendships with all my heart, I will always have wonderful memories of times spent together and we will have many more great times ahead!!Peace!!



Tracy (my wifes sister) and Shawn, Mark (her brother) and Silvia and children Mathew.Sarah.Sam, Aurora. Daniel. We have shared many great times together and I am honoured to know all of you and call you family!! The music on this first lifecycle CD contains many elements of family both from all of you and my own side of the family and it is this energy of life that I think keeps me going as a person and as a musician- thank you for being there !! Let us look forward to the future and continued friendship as a family!!



All my grandparents, those living and those passed on to the next life- I am blessed to have known you and we are continuing on with the this life which began with you and your parents and onwards through this amazing lifecycle!! Thank you for starting it all!! Aunts and Uncles – Joffre.Henry.Alfred * Lucille.Simone.Claudette.Madeleine.Francoise and all husbands and wives !! Thank you all for love and support!! My cousins - david. marylyn. rene. jocelyne. frank. brian. rod. noni. teri. nancy. pj. dan. sean. patrick. shelagh. michelle . yvonne. paula. janine. raymond. tim. james. lori. denise. tressa. john. doug. jim. suzanne. danielle. tom. mike. dery. mark. rob. nikki. And all husbands and wives and children!! I am truly truly thankful for the incredible friendships we share as a family and I thank you for many years of memories !! This music carries with it a message of love to all of you!! I will be connecting with many of you over the next while!!Peace!! Extended Family: Terri Mizen, Dan Nardella & Christine

FRIENDS [Top of Page]

Over the years I have developed many great friendships and I would like to thank all of you for sharing part of your life with me and as the case may be with my family also!! I have listed as many names as I can think of at the present time and more will be added from time to time!! Please know that I am grateful for any and all friendships I have experienced, so if you are not on the actual list you are in my heart and I thank you!!

Thank you: Tony Colvin, Andrea, Rob Colvin, Calvin & Debbie Jackson (Hanah. Caroline), Derek & Sue Hawkins, Lance Landiak & Chie, Yvon Loiselle, Dave Stone & Patricia, Melissa & Rob Raimondi, Dwayne & Joan Poloway, Jamie & Brenda Philp, Jim Serediak & Colleen (Owen), Pierre-Paul Bugeaud & Selena and family, Regan Berg, Aaron Rogvldson, Jim & Judy Berg, Lance Battenfelder, Sean & jenni Burke, Birdie Bourque(Roberta), Dan Bellan & Kim,Don Bellan, Lydia Bellan, Patty Dupont & Byron Mckenzie.

Jodi &Jason Babyn & children, Doug &Sabrina Blackley, Louise Brosseau, Rev. Stephen Bill, Trevor Bigam & Tammy and children, John & Susan Belzaruski, Dennis Busierre, Gilles-Guy Benoiton, Carmine Caligiuri & family, Harvey Diduch & family, Fred Fendall & family, Steve Howlett(Howie) & family, Della Fraser ,Scott Melvin(Scotty), Kevin Donahoe(Hoe), Doug & Donna Gerry, Mike Rud & family, Gord & Carolyn Graber, Rene &A lice Gagne & family, Kevin & Gail Gainer, Joe Hana, Alexander Henderson, Maria Henderson, Emily Hughes, Stevie Ray Johnson, Jody Kinsman & Cathy, Josh Keller & family, Doug Kinsmen, Pat Kennedy & family, Mike Kennedy & family, Lorelei Loveridge.

OK are we getting the idea here, yes many good friendships and in some way big or small – you have all affected my life and I think of you from time to time!! The music on my CD lifecycle featuring paul g. is in some ways touched by all of you as well as my own inner family circle!! Thank you for being friends!!

And the list shall continue:

Thank You: Donna & Mike Kinee, George Kousefgenagus, Donna Komar, Joel Komar, Greg Komar, Leslie Komar, Paula Komar and your families, Martin Langeste, Tony Miraglia, Dan Mcdonald, Mike Michalkow, Gord Michiel, Jim Mozell, Gary Morrison & family, Dan Murray, Gary Obrien, Todd Osata, Sherry Ouimet, Kevin Oimet, Graham Oliver, Tom Price, Greg Rudolph(rudy), Tristan & Thelma Rodil (Gabrielle, Ethan).

Donovan Reimer, Philippe Sailler, Sheri-Nelson, Gabriel & Julian, Wade Staples, John & Susan Samulski, Paul & Debra Seburn & family, Colleen Shannon Petruch, Anson Suchit & family, Paul Trudel(turtle), Greg Teilferd, Doug Taggert, Pamela Toews, Don Varze, Les Weiss, Janice & Ken Park Wong & family, John Weed & the boys, Lori Guggenmos, Peggy Zeigler & Larry & family, Jill Brighton.

Mark & Allison Connelly(Patrick, Jack), Remi Audy, Axe Music(Brian Cymbaluk), Accord Auto(Bob, Marie, Gord & family), Ralph Bentley, Dr.Robert Bothwell & family –(Jan & all of you folks), Dan Cramer, Bill Cramer, Brad Pettigrew, Cymaron Corpes & family, Janet Cardinal & family, Per Firor, Trace Johnson(artist), Kim Odegaard, Dominique Roy, Jim Ross, Jay Shector(The Beatles cover tunes!!)
Chris Smith & Andrea House, Pat Strain, Bonnie Mix, Ken Mcdonald(GMCC)

Additions and updates will occur from time to time so check back once in a while!! Please feel free to contact me directly (see the contact page on this website!!) All the best to all and thank you again for friendships!!

Peace !! Paul g.


To the musicians who performed with me on my CD “lifecycle” . bill hobson, dale ladouceur, Jamie philp, pierre-paul bugeaud, john towill,paul bromley, bill jamieson, bob tildesley, bob blair, dave”crawdad”cantera!! I just wanted to say thank you again here on my website for your friendship and wonderful performances on the CD!! Peace to you all & thank you!!

Thank you also to the following music or technical people for friendships and assistance at various times in my life: Caroline Locke (web design) & Jeff, John Stowell, Gaye Delorme, Mo Marshall, Clive Alcock(Allstar Sound), Gary Myers,Wilfred Kozub & family, Brad Bowie(guitar repair/friendship), Brian (Avenue Guitar)-Robin, Lindsey Umrysh, CBC radio, CKUA radio, Rob Hewes & family(Turnkey Audio)

*Thanks also to Precision Disc (Surrey BC) in particular : Alicia b., Paul c.,Donna & Kristy. Thank you all for your professionalism, courtesy and friendship throughout the manufacturing process!!


From approx. 1980 to the present I have provided musical instruction and being the organizational nut that I am I have kept a relatively good list of all my student names over the years. I would estimate that I have helped approximately 1000 students to develop themselves musically and I hope that I have touched their lives personally in some small way!! I also want to thank you all for studying music with me and for your friendships over the 25 plus years !! Here is a list of some of the students who stand out in my memory as being truly great people, perhaps you will see your name along the way!! For all those students not listed, I truly care about all of you and wish you well, it is not possible to list 1000 names here but my thoughts are genuinely with all of you!!

Here is the short list: (which will be long enough!!)

kevin ouimet, colleen shannon(strawmoon), graham oliver, gilles –guy benoiton, phil clynas & family, dwayne poloway, miles august, harvey diduch, paul diduch, josh keller, mike smythe, sandi cowen, tim alsapp, aaron andronyk, brett mcewan, aaron rogvaldson, daniel murray, marc budd, eric budd, murray katz, garry Morrison.

randy hunt, franco fiacco, regan berg, george cragg, ken cook, rory hanchard, pat spiers, Janice park wong, martin langeste, chris smith, dan gilroy, alexander henderson, christine hanson, pheap nhem, charlie lumar, colin cardinal, ken drolet, jessica schoenberg, shaun peters, lorelei loveridge, john samulski.

john belzaruski, jill brighton, tristan gilbertson, sean burke, tim scheybeler (michelle), vince chia, clayton amelia (joe), graham neil, dave mcneil, ken hoefling, josh boyle (taylor), craig brososky, todd harms, michael good, joel stang, sylvia radcliffe, howard saslove.

QUOTES [Top of Page]

“peace is present right here and now ,in ourselves and in everything we do and see. The question is whether or not we are in touch with it!!”        Thich Nhat Hanh

“If your attention is in the moment, if you pay attention to what is, then you see the fullness in every moment. This is within your power right now, because the only time you have is now!!        Deepak Chopra

“give to others as you would have them give to you”        Jesus

“our prime purpose in life is to help others”        Dalai Lama

“Choice begins the moment you disidentify from the mind and its conditioned patterns, the moment you become present!!”        Eckhart Tolle

“Remember that exterior conditions can- not create interior conditions, ever. So, no matter how bad things get, the interior of you (heart-soul –mind) cannot be affected by that which is exterior to you in any way except as you decide that it will!!        Neale Donald Walsch

“On the deepest level, we must look to transcend the duality of entrance and exit, for to truly live in the moment means entrance and exit are simultaneous. There is no entering of one moment and exiting on to the next. There just is. No entrance, No exit. Only the Way.        Philip Toshio Sudo (Zen Guitar)


“The Power of Now“    Eckart Tolle

“Zen Guitar”    Philip Toshio Sudo

“The Bible”    (Various versions exist)

“Coversations with God”    Neale Donald Walsch
*Neale has many other books that are equally engaging!!!

“Peace is every Step”    Thich Nhat Hanh

“Power Freedom & Grace”    Deepak Chopra

“The God Code”    Gregg Braden

“Love is Letting go of Fear”    Gerald G. Jampolsky
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MOVIES [Top of Page]

What Dreams May Come    Robin Williams

Phenomenon    John Travolta

Life as a House    Kevin Kline

Apolo 13    Tom Hanks

Castaway    Tom Hanks

Love Actually    Hugh Grant Emma Thompson (etc.. )

A Christmas Carol    Alastair Sim

Mr. Hollands Opus    Richard Dreyfuss

An Inconvenient truth    (documentary)

About Schmidt    (Jack Nicholson)

The Bucket List    (Nicholson/Freeman)

Dead Poets Society    (Robin Williams)

Meet Joe Black    (Brad Pitt)

A River Runs Through It    Brad Pitt (etc..)

CSNY Deja Vu (A Film by Neil Young)    (documentary/concert )

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