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In the creation of this music I had a vision and or story line/concept for each song and I thought it might interest people
so here is a track by track breakdown of the general story of the music!!

1. Spirit Within
2. The Path of Life
3.4.5. The Wind Trilology
6. Summer Moon
7. 8. Canyonland
9. Kokopelli
10. Watching the tide @ Trinidad

Thank you so much for sharing this musical journey with me and I hope in some way this music touches your heart!!
Paul g.

One more little point of interest!!

The Musical Influences:

While growing and developing my own musical voice I have listened to many different styles of music and been influenced by all of them. I have provided a list below of some of these influences and musical genres to help you the listener identify with the music perhaps a little more!!


I grew up listening to all the classic rock stuff that most of us did during the late 60’s and 1970’s: Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, CSNY, Grateful Dead, Doobie Brothers, Clapton, Cream, Traffic, Fleetwood Mac, The Band, The Allman Brothers, Joni Mitchell, J.J. Cale, The Doors, Hendrix, The Who, Santana, Jeff Beck, Deep Purple, etc. etc. etc. And of course one can not be a guitar player with out the blues influences along the way and some but not all of those would include: BB King, Albert King, Muddy Waters, Clapton (Bluesbreakers etc..), Fleetwood Mac (early days with peter green), Rory Gallagher, Roy Buchanan, Johnny Winter, Robin Trower, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Freddie King, John Lee Hooker, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Sonny Landreth, Robert Cray etc...


The one style that caught my interest also was this art rock scene coming out of England: Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Genesis, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Moody Blues, Gentle Giant, Pink Floyd, Camel, Nektar and various other groups!! Supertramp, Triumph and Rush (of course Canadian guys !!) etc. etc. etc.


Also as I began studying music more I became interested in classical music: Bach, Mozart etc.. I studied and played classical guitar for a number of years as a developing guitarist/composer. I also have a deep love for jazz and jazz fusion. Some but certainly not all of which would be: John Mclaughlin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, John Abercrombie, John Scofield, Mike Stern, Leni Stern, Bill Frissel, Fareed Haque, Pat Metheny Group, Jim Hall, Pat Martino, Brian Hughes, Chris Camozzi, Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenhour, The Great Guitars(Herb Ellis, Charlie Byrd, Barney Kessel), Andy Summers and many other jazz artists!! I studied jazz while attending the GMCC music program and in my bio you can see other jazz elements throughout my musical lifecycle thus far!!


Another element of my development would be that of acoustic guitar players such as: Michael Hedges, William Ackerman, Alex DeGrassi, Leo Kotke, Acoustic Alchemy etc. etc.


And during the mid 1980’s I began checking out the whole new age music scene: Narada record label, Higher Octave record label and Windham records would be a few of the actual record labels to check out. Andreas Vollenweider, Enya, Loreena Mckennitt, Yulara, Ralf Illenberger, Budi Seibert, Cusco, Tingstad & Rumbel, David Arkenstone, Craig Chaquico, Neil Schon, Michael Gettel, Ottmar Leibert, Shahin & Sepher, Shadowfax, William Ackerman, Michael Hedges, and many others represent this evolving musical style!!

The music of lifecycle is a blending of all these influences and my own inner voice!! People that know me as a guitar player may find it a little low on the guitar side of things!! This project is probably more about myself as a writer/arranger/composer and leaning more towards a new age / jazzy style involving a great deal of keyboard work actually!! (However, have no fear as the CD contains a good portion of guitar playing). In the future perhaps another project may occur where the guitar is featured a little more . Also the music of lifecycle might move into the guitar direction perhaps a little more as it evolves – I really can’t say for sure where the future will take things but....... I believe there will be good things ahead and wish all the best to all of you and your families!! Thank you again so very much for your support and interest in this music – the music of “lifecycle”!!

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