7. pt.1 big sky over Zion 8. View from the North Rim

This composition is directly related to a family road trip we took in 2003. We traveled through Utah (bryce canyon, zion national park etc..), the grand canyon (the north rim), California’s northern coast and the Oregon coast!! I was deeply moved by the landscapes, scenery and ocean views of these beautiful places. We also visited family on the trip and this song is also filled with the joys of family and friendship!! Thanks to Tracy, Shawn, Mark and Silvia for sharing your lives with us!!

Pt 1. Big sky over Zion is based on an afternoon we spent walking barefoot through a beautiful little stream in the Zion National park area and as our day unfolded the sky grew very mystical as a storm approached !! I would call it a “Big Sky” – yes a “ Big Sky over Zion”

Pt 2. View from the North Rim is, well as you can probably guess is a piece of music inspired by The Grand Canyon as seen from the Canyons north rim!! I wanted to capture in the melody of the song an airy /grand type of texture while still having a joyful melody!! I have tried to capture the beauty of this magical place in music and when writing this tune I had pictures of the Canyon around me as inspiration!! I hope the listener can imagine the canyon through the music: the incredible vistas, the hawks or bald eagles, the Colorado river, white water rafting etc. Enjoy the view!!
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