Paul g. (Paul Groleau) born in Edmonton AB in 1961 developed an interest in music early on in life and while living with his family in Montreal (Canada) began listening to bands like yes , rush, BTO,pink floyd (dark side of the moon) and early jazz records that his father had!! “My neighbour – a girl named Amy had an electric guitar (Harmony – stratotone) an early strat-copy type thing that I just loved and I would play it from time to time . When our family moved back home to Edmonton she walked over to the driveway when we were packing and she told me to take the guitar –a gift!! I still own that guitar to this day and it was my first instrument which started this journey!!” “The fact that her boyfriend drove around on a Norton 750 commando could have added to the cool factor back then!!”

When the family was back in Edmonton Paul studied piano and theory with a local teacher (Brian L.) and applied the principals to his guitar playing. Paul went on to study with local musician/teacher Jamie Philp which eventually lead to the Grant MacEwan Music Program where he completed a degree in music (guitar)/recording arts.Paul has been teaching guitar privately since approx. 1981 and has taught both privately and classroom courses at Grant MacEwan College(guitar). In 1995 Paul incorporated his company Modal Music (Modal Music Inc.) and has been teaching and providing recording production services under this company name. Paul has his own personal home recording studio where he does pre-production work for his own compositions. “All the rough demo (sequencing) was done at my studio in preparation for the recording of (lifecycle / featuring paul g. ).”

Pauls musical education over the years lead him to study with a variety of player/teachers such as Bob Cairns, Tom Gilroy, Doug Rusu, Tommy Banks, Charlie Austin, Gord Nicholson, Clive Alcock and Marcel Hamel of the GMCC Music Program. Paul has also studied with or attended workshops with the following: John Stowell (jazz guitarist), Herb Ellis(jazz guitarist), Leni Stern (jazz / fusion /composition studies) (*Leni ‘s husband is Mike Stern/jazz fusion guitarist), John Scofield (jazz/fusion guitarist) .”During the mid-eightys I had two opportunities to talk a little guitar with B.B. King here in Edmonton - he was doing this gig at a place called the Northwoods Wintergarden showroom in downtown Edmonton and I showed up with my B.B. King guitar method book and he took the time to answer some of my guitar questions. The next year (I think it was 86-87) I caught him again and we talked a little more guitar and I had a close friend who had drawn a beautiful pencil sketch of B.B. for me, I had it with me and B.B. signed it for me “To Paul – Stay with it! B.B. King”. I still own that wonderful drawing and it holds a deep meaning for me as I move forward with my own musical journey!!

During Pauls musical life he has performed and or recorded with the following projects:

1976-1979 High School Band Projects (various)

1980-1985 Church Band

1986 57’ Chevy (Blues/Rock)

1986-1988 Real to Reel (Progressive Rock)

1986-1988 Dan Bellan / Paul Groleau ( Jazz)

1986-1987 Contemporary Music Ensemble (Jazz)

1989-1990 Strawmoon (Folk Rock)

1995-1997 EBBS (Edmonton Big Band Society )(Jazz)
*Paul held the guitar chair for 3 years.

1998-2009 Paul g. (jazz,fusion,new age projects)

2009 *Paul forms “ lifecycle “ ( featuring paul g. )

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